Tulsa Boat Insurance

Tulsa Boat Insurance

A boat is not only a tremendous asset but is also a tremendous responsibility. With the unique coverage needs both in water and on land, it is essential to work with a Tulsa Boat Insurance expert.


At AAA Tulsa – South Memorial, we have partnered with countless boat owners to ensure they have the coverage they need for themselves, their boats, and their guests. With a comprehensive boat insurance policy, you can enjoy your time on the water even more! 

Tulsa Boat Insurance


Boat insurance is not required in Oklahoma. However, it is recommended that even the most experienced boat owners invest in this additional protection. Our team works to find you the best coverage at the lowest possible rates!


We will work with you to learn more about your unique situation, your boat, and how you use your watercraft. From this information, we can guide you towards a policy that fits both your needs and budget while avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

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What Coverage Does Tulsa Boat Insurance Provide?


Like many other types of insurance, Tulsa Boat Insurance is highly customizable to fit each client’s unique needs and concerns. Some of the areas of coverage include the following:


Personal Liability Coverage


Like an auto insurance policy, personal liability boat coverage offers protection to other boaters with whom you have an accident. This coverage will not pay for any damage to your boat. However, it will help cover any expenses you may incur due to an on-water accident.


If held legally responsible, you could be required to pay for expenses such as medical care, lost wages, wreckage removal, fuel spill cleanup costs, and more. After paying these fees, you may be unable to afford the necessary repairs to your boat.


By investing in personal liability coverage, you can ensure that you can adequately recover following a boating accident in which you were determined to be at fault.


Medical Payment Coverage


Another type of Tulsa Boat Insurance in which you can invest in medical payment coverage. This helps to pay for expenses associated with injuries to another party as the result of an accident. Things such as hospital bills and medical care for yourself, your passengers, or even other boaters are covered under this policy type.


Physical Damage Coverage


Your boat is likely one of your most significant investments. Unfortunately, boats are often either stolen or damaged while they are stored on land or in the water. Physical damage coverage helps to pay for the cost to replace or repair your boat, motor, trailer, or other attached equipment in the event of loss or damage.

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AAA Tulsa – South Memorial is dedicated to providing top-notch care and services for each of our clients. We want to make it easy for you to get back to the things you love, knowing you are protected both on land and in the water. With coverage for nearly every type of boat or watercraft, we will help you ensure that you are protecting yourself, your boat, your guests, and other boaters. 


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